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Russell F. Hirsch

Author for Children & Young Adults

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About Me

Welcome! I write fantasy for children and young adults, and I'm passionate about all things related to myths and fairy tales. Based in Vancouver, Canada, I studied Creative Writing and Children's Literature at the University of British Columbia. When not reading and writing, I tutor elementary and high school students in language arts and drama. I also enjoy tying knots, visiting museums, and long walks on the beach that end with ice cream!




Once Upon A


A satirical, fairy tale-inspired  newspaper. Bringing you the latest headlines from the Pleasant Kingdoms to the Seven Seas of Despair.



I'm fortunate to be affiliated with these wonderful groups. Have a look!

The international professional organization for writers and illustrators of children's literature.

Facilitates events and a writers' workshop for emerging Vancouver artists.

Organizing events for children's literature enthusiasts throughout Vancouver.

A multidisciplinary MA combining Creative Writing, Library Science, English Lit, and Education.

Western Canada's largest school dedicated to mentoring kids in speech arts, drama, and writing.

Like great stories, knots have twists and turns that hold you tight. The official craft guild of knot tyers everywhere.

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The national nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting Canadian books for young readers.


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Looking to touch base? Email me at: russellfhirsch@gmail.com


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