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Russell performs folk tales and original stories for children and adults. He is a member of Storytellers of Canada and regularly performs with Vancouver Tellers.

Check out upcoming performances and recordings of past shows below!


In early 2023, I'll be hosting two marvelous storytelling events with Vancouver Tellers...

Fortune Favours the Bold...

Zoom concert on Sunday, January 29th @7pm Pacific Time.

Contact me for the link to the show.

Believe It Or Not...

Zoom concert on Sunday, February 26th @7pm Pacific Time.

Contact me for the link to the show.


Handshakes With Bono

Performed at Around Town Tellers in Nanaimo, BC, June 2022 



The Three Little Mammals & the Big Bad T-Rex

A prehistoric twist on the well-known classic.

Told at 1001 Nights of Storytelling in Toronto, July 2019

The Boy Carried Away Into the World Below

A reinterpretation of a tale from R.M. Dawkins' collection, More Greek Folktales.

Told with Vancouver Tellers in March 2020

Aniz the Shepherd

Based on the Uyghur folktale from Dale A. Olsen's anthology, World Flutelore.

Told with Vancouver Tellers in November 2020

Queen of Water, Friend of Flame

An original, fantastical tale of unlikely allies.

Told with Vancouver Tellers in April 2021

The Tale of Jiminy Flare

An original tale of finding light amidst hungry shadows. 

Told with Vancouver Tellers in October 2021

The Stolen Bairn and the Sidh

Based on the version written by Sorche Nic Leodhas in Thistle and Thyme.

Told with Vancouver Tellers in March 2022

The Legend of Jack O'Lantern

Based on the traditional folktale as retold by Richard Martin and in The Dublin Penny Journal.

Told with Vancouver Tellers in October 2022

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