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A satirical fairy tale newspaper, published on Wattpad every #FairyTaleTuesday



Workshop of Clay and Stars – Forthcoming in Mirror Dance, Spring 2020

Two brother gods face the consequences of creation…

Whispers in the Wellwood – Forthcoming in Flashes of Fantasy, an anthology from Fantasia Divinity, 2020

An aging baron hears a voice from the world of the fair folk…

Time Capsule – Forthcoming in The Nashwaak Review, 2020

Soccer, sculpture, and teenage brotherhood converge…

Lemke Overboard – GEIST

A sleepwalking old man brings a community together in the waves of the sea...

Save the Whales – The Ubyssey Literary Supplement

All is not as it seems in the house of Mother Earth…


My MA Children's Literature thesis explored the ideas of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the portrayal of religion in works by C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, and my own creative writing projects.


Storythreads was a blog devoted to book reviews and reflections on story structure, the hero's journey, and the writing process.