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A satirical fairy tale newspaper, published on Wattpad every #FairyTaleTuesday



Save the Whales – Forthcoming in Avatar Review, Summer 2020 (originally published in The Ubyssey Literary Supplement, 2013)

All is not as it seems in the house of Mother Earth…

Whispers in the Wellwood – Forthcoming in Flashes of Fantasy, an anthology from Fantasia Divinity, 2020

An aging baron hears a voice from the world of the fair folk…

The Glass Man – Forthcoming in The Weird and Whatnot, 2020

Bright and dangerous romance sparks in a mysterious circus…

Workshop of Clay and Stars – Mirror Dance, Spring 2020

Two brother gods face the consequences of creation…

Time Capsule – The Nashwaak Review, available in hard copy, Issue 42/43, 2020

Soccer, sculpture, and teenage brotherhood converge…

Lemke Overboard – GEIST, Issue 91, Winter 2013

A sleepwalking old man brings a community together in the waves of the sea...



In the City of Spring – Gingerbread House #41


My MA Children's Literature thesis explored the ideas of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the portrayal of religion in works by C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, and my own creative writing projects.


Storythreads was a blog devoted to book reviews and reflections on story structure, the hero's journey, and the writing process.

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