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The Glass Man – The Weird and Whatnot, August 2021

Bright and dangerous romance sparks in a mysterious circus…

Lieutenants of Darkness – Havok Publishing Online, August 2021

A birthday present purchase goes fantastically awry...

Whispers in the Wellwood – Flashes of Fantasy, an anthology from Fantasia Divinity Publishing, April 2021

An aging baron hears a voice from the world of the fair folk…

Save the Whales – Avatar Review, Issue 22, Summer 2020 (originally published in the Ubyssey Literary Supplement, 2013)

All is not as it seems in the house of Mother Earth…

Workshop of Clay and Stars – Mirror Dance, Spring 2020

Two brother gods face the consequences of creation…

Time Capsule – The Nashwaak Review, available in hard copy, Issue 42/43, 2020

Soccer, sculpture, and teenage brotherhood converge…

Lemke Overboard – GEIST, Issue 91, Winter 2013

A sleepwalking old man brings a community together in the waves of the sea...


Death and Their Debris – The Trumpeter, Vol. 36.1, December 2021

In the City of Spring – Gingerbread House #41, Spring 2020


My MA Children's Literature thesis explored the ideas of mythologist Joseph Campbell and the portrayal of religion in works by C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, and my own creative writing projects.

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